Energy, verlorene Energie, Energieausgleich,

«Wasted energy» is never wasted

 I would love to see that dumping site of all my wasted energy


Easy to relate to the past
to some no more
and mix feelings of grieve
with the joy of freedom

one starts to believe that
joy of freedom carries
a portion of melancholy

the sobbing over no more
turns quietly into a promise
of yet to come.



| Encyclopædia Britannica |      Conservation of energy implies that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, although it can be changed from one form (mechanical, kinetic, chemical, etc.) into another. In an isolated system the sum of all forms of energy therefore remains constant. For example, a falling body has a constant amount of energy, but the form of the energy changes from potential to kinetic. According to the theory of relativity, energy and mass are equivalent. Thus, the rest mass of a body may be considered a form of potential energy, part of which can be converted into other forms of energy.