Memories of Advaitistan

It’s been a minute. I broke the database when I moved servers in 2016. That was also around the time I settled down in Germany after many many moons in Tiruvannamalai, Capitol of Advaitistan in the State of the obviously Free. Basically, I didn’t have time for more than a daily facepalm.

I also didn’t think I would find that drive to revive this blog. But hey! Never underestimate the Kings of Advaitistan and Beyond. As far as Beyond reaches, it is not a state, not a country, not even a continent, it might be an entirely different planet that one ends up on upon entering the portal located somewhere in the head-region and while we know of two great expeditions currently mapping out Beyond, we don’t expect them back any time soon.

I was supposed to be in India now. But as always – life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. And since current affairs have been airing on all kind of frequencies, I might just use current and flow and get some stories out that have been wanting to be told for a while.

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